Su kemerleri 4. Antioch of Pisidia kalıntıları. Antioch of Pisidia antik kent. Antioch of Pisidia görüntüsü. Antioch of Pisidia. On the way to roman bath. salih Homer in Pisidia: Aspects of the History of Greek Education in a remote Roman Hide All. 1 Ínan, J., Toroslarda bir antik Kent. .. 72 'Colonia Caesarea (Pisidian Antioch) in the Augustan age,' JRS 6 , at 90– Take a tour of the Antioch of Pisidia, Turkey to visit historic site in Yalvac. Get the Reviews, Ratings, location, contact details & timings.


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These people did not come under the yoke of the Hittites, over the ages, people were able to live independently in the Pisidian region because of its strategical position.

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Even the Persians, who conquered Anatolia in the 6th century BC, the approach of some researchers who would like to connect the cult of Men Askaenos with the pisidia antiochia antik kenti of the Phrygian Mother Goddess Cybele is also controversial.

After the pisidia antiochia antik kenti of Alexander the Great, Seleucus I Nicator, founder of the Seleucid Dynasty, captured places were Hellenised and, in order to protect the population, fortified cities were founded at strategically important places, usually on an acropolis.

Seleucus I Nicator had nearly 60 cities founded, and gave pisidia antiochia antik kenti 16 of them the name of his father Antiochos, colonists were brought from Magnesia on the Maeander to found Pisidian Antioch. Meanwhile, fights for the sharing of Anatolia continued and were complicated by the Galatians coming in from Europe, the historian Lucian reported the comment of Antiochos, Its a great shame that we owe our liberation to 16 elephants 4.

Ariassos — Ariassos or Ariassus was a town in Asia Minor built on a steep hillside about 50 kilometres inland from Attaleia. The town was founded in the Hellenistic period in the 3rd century BC and it was mentioned in about BC by Artemidorus Ephesius, who was quoted by Strabo a century later.

The only further mentions are by Pisidia antiochia antik kenti in the 2nd century AD and it was part of Pisidia, and belonged originally to the Seleucid Empire. In BC it passed to the kingdom of Pergamum. Under Octavian Augustus, Ariassos was made part of the Roman province of Galatia, in the ecclesiastical lists it appears in the late Roman province of Pamphylia Secunda, whose capital was Perge, hence also its bishoprics Metropolitan.

Coins minted at Ariassos are extant, the ruins are pisidia antiochia antik kenti of Roman and Byzantine times, with few remains of the earlier Hellenistic period.


The best pisidia antiochia antik kenti is that of the 3rd-century-AD triple-arched city entrance once surmounted by four statues, other building include an extensive nymphaeum and baths, as well as a large domestic area.

Rome in the age of the population is estimated to be approximately 70, people. The history of the city by all the researchers out there by the city's Bc 3. However, the history of the city, it is impossible to examine separately the pisidia antiochia antik kenti of Pisidian Antioch. Research in this area, the area of habitation in counted 20, inhabitants has been settled continuously since the period.

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In a detailed survey was made by M. Tuchelt came to the city in and caused some new arguments about the Pisidia antiochia antik kenti Sanctuary. Stephen Mitchell and Marc Waelkens conducted a survey and documentation of Antioch between —3. Using their discoveries and drawing from earlier studies, especially those of the University of Michigan inthey subsequently brought together all the available information about the city, supported with new finds, in a book entitled "Pisidian Antioch" Today's Antioch is studied pisidia antiochia antik kenti Dr.

Acropolis and fortifications[ edit ] The city, like other Hellenistic colonies, was founded on a hill for ease of defence.


The steep valley of the River Anthius in the east provides a perfect defence. On the other slopes the acropolis goes up smoothly in terraces and reaches a height of 60 meters above the plain.

It is not known whether pisidia antiochia antik kenti bastions of semi-circular plan which can be seen in the West continue in other parts of the defence walls.

The city is surrounded by re-used blocks made of mainly grey local limestone. The massive blocked wall structure of the earlier phases are different from the mortared Byzantine-Early Christian walls.

No clear evidence of defence towers has yet been found. Curved semi-circular walls pisidia antiochia antik kenti the south and north would have made it easier to defend the fortifications. The defence system, when the masonry of the walls is considered, is very similar to the neighbouring colonies CremnaSagalassos and even Aphrodisias in Caria.

Most of the walls and defence system are from the 4th century.